User experience design

The visitor has the best experience at the crossroads of design, technology and usability.
User-centred design

Our websites focus on the user. Unfortunately, visitors often feel lost in a website, and simply surf on to something better. Our aim is to completely avoid this feeling on our websites: visitors need to know where they are on the site at every moment, what they can do, and especially: what the site can do for them.


Your brand is also experienced online. To facilitate this, it's not enough that your website uses the right colour and typefaces of your house style. The complete online experience must match the brand. You'll need consider beforehand what kinds of texts you need, how you will use the visual material, and which technical features the site will need.

And beyond

What about smartphones and tablets? Just fads? We don't think so! Does your organisation need its own app? That is certainly possible, but a website that is also optimised for small screens might do the trick. And what about social media: does your brand experience and user experience also extend to these? This should be the goal in any case.

For àll users: AnySurfer

AnySurfer is a Belgian organisation that monitors the accessibility of websites. A user-friendly website is a minimum requirement. AnySurfer goes a step further, and awards a label to websites that are also accessible to the visually impaired or the blind. Lépep Group builds its sites according to the AnySurfer guidelines.


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