Information architecture

Intuitive access to complex information, that's our strong point. The big word for this: information architecture.

The structure and interactivity of a website are like the foundations of a building – make a mistake here, and all your efforts are in vain. Hence, approval of this phase is important to the further completion of the online project. (See our Lépep Group methodology.)

Information structures

In an ideal world, an information architect begins with a digital strategy and a search term study in hand, in order to structure all the information in a logical way. This knowledge is then filled out in an in-depth conversation with the customer. Often competitors' sites will also be analysed. Not to copy them, but to learn. The information architect visualises the website's structure using a mindmap, and translates this into a digital prototype.

Prototype: interactive wireframes

The prototype is your website at its ugliest: without colours, without photos, without meaningful text, even without a logo. It, however, does contain the full website structure and gives a good idea of all the functions of the new site. You are able to test this first version of your site using an ordinary browser.

Website layout

It goes without saying that we prefer to handle all of your site's development ourselves. This is the best way for us to ensure the quality of the total project. If needed, however, we are happy to work as partner. Is the task limited to information architecture and prototyping? No problemo. May we go a step further and also handle the web design? We will then also provide the Photoshop documents and finished XHTML/CSS files.

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