Defining KPIs

Why do you want a new website, an AdWords campaign or increased presence on social media? The answers to these questions can be found in the digital strategy. But how to measure the success of your online efforts? KPI to the rescue!

To measure the performance of your online activities, you must determine the aspects you want to monitor: KPIs or Key Performance Indicators. Revenue from a webshop, average revenue per visitor, number of completed contact forms, visit quality, mentions, likes ... there is a long list of possibilities.


Together with you, we go in search of the indicators that make your online success tangible, measurable and comparable. A dashboard of KPIs makes it easy to monitor performance month after month, and to fine-tune as we go.

Realistic goals

Once you've defined the KPIs, you can also attach targets to them. In order to do this, we look both to the past and to the future. What was your growth during past years, and what did you have to do to accomplish this? What are your long-term expectations and how do you plan to achieve these? Based on experience with hundreds of online projects, we help you define realistic goals.

Focusing on KPIs

What's more, defining KPIs beforehand also leads to a better final result. The information architect will take account of your KPIs in his prototype. The web designer incorporates them in his design. The online marketer knows what needs to be optimised and the criteria by which he will be judged.

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