Content strategy

Content is king. This is why visitors come to your site. Is the goal, however, a single message for all, or a message tailored to the visitor?

You have something to say. Good. How do we translate this online? How can we divide up, organise and package all of this information so that everyone finds an answer to his or her question in just a few clicks? Perhaps we notice gaps that, if filled in, would result in more SEO traffic to your website.

It is also good to think outside your website: discover the various platforms on which you can contribute meaningful content. Look for the places where potential customers are present. Get yourself noticed there. And then get them to visit your own website.

A message tailored to the visitor

Defining target groups for your organisation is extremely useful, but you can't just use these online. Online, you need to assume that there will be different user types. What are their needs, expectations and ambitions? This will determine the content to be provided on the website.

Measuring the effect

To measure all of this, you need to have an eye for reach and rankings, but also for engagement. After all, you want to urge the reader to take action. To order something, or to like or re-tweet something.

Online success story

Online communication is not a book that can be read from beginning to end. It is more like a role-playing game in which some data is fixed, but in which many story lines are possible. Together with you, we determine your story.

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