Strategy & concept

Why do you need a website? How to attract more quality visitors to your site? And how to increase your online results? Clever heads link a digital strategy to a refreshing concept. 

‘Look before you leap.’ Like a wise grandfather, we give this advice to our customers. It makes little sense to engage in online marketing or to build a website without thinking it through.ns.

Call it a Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) or a World Domination Plan, you need a goal. Digital tools help you reach this goal. So it pays to map everything out: your organisation, your target groups, your strengths and weaknesses, your market position, your product offerings and your resources. This is accomplished by considerable thought and research, but even more by listening.

Concept with potential

It doesn't suffice to put a few creative people around a table and hope they come up with a fantastic concept. A concept is the well thought out translation of a strategy. Creativity is the icing on the cake.

Moreover, what good is a nice idea if it's not feasible? Technology is evolving at a lightning pace and it quite simply is in our genes to be pioneers in this. Because we don't only come up with concepts on a daily basis, but also implement and develop them. We know very well what works, what doesn't - and especially: what stays within budget.

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