Web Analytics

Dive into the figures and pull out actionable data. So you know what worked, and what needs to be improved.
Map out the traffic to your site

Web analytics reveal all the useable data about your website. Visitor statistics, customer profiles, detailed campaign results, your site's quality, the performance of your webshop... All of this data is relevant to a profitable online marketing strategy.

Draw the right conclusions from your data

Numbers tell the tale. Which is why we analyse everything that happens on your website: how many visitors your website attracts, what pages they view, where they come from, where they go, how long they stay... This data tells us which trends among your visitors we need to take into account. It also tells us which keywords and campaigns score well, and which don't.

We bundle all the results of your web analytics into clear and well-structured reports.Moreover, you can follow all the statistics online. And we do more: we also guide you in developing your corporate dashboard and in drawing the right conclusions from these figures. And we tell you precisely which actions can improve the most important figures (KPIs) of your online approach.

Expertise in web analytics

Lépep Group is one of the few Google Analytics Authorized Consultants in Belgium. This demonstrates our wide-ranging experience with Google Analytics and our status as experts in web analytics.

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