SEA audit

So you've discovered the added value of online advertising. Nice. But are you getting the most out of it? Lépep Group can help.

Do you have the feeling that your SEA campaign is not performing as it should? Does it seem like you're paying too much for too little revenue? In short: do you think it could be better? Then an SEA audit is what you need.

Opportunities and pitfalls

Lépep Group has plenty of experience with setting up and managing countless smaller and large AdWords accounts. We know perfectly well what the possibilities are. But we also know the pitfalls of an AdWords account. It is, for example, tempting to bid high on very general words. While other, more specific, words are often more relevant and less expensive.

SEA audit: a gold mine of concrete tips

An SEA consultancy implies that one of our SEA experts examines your account in detail. What is your approach? What can be improved? We examine -among others- your choice of networks and search terms, how you allocate your budget, the devices on which you appear... And of course we take into account your company and its objectives. Are you an international player, or do you focus on one specific region in Belgium? Do  you want people to download your app, or order something from your webshop? Every company benefits from a unique approach tailored to its needs.

The result of these analyses? A document full of concrete tips to improve your campaign's performances.

SEA training

Want extra guidance? A hands-on AdWords training could be the best solution. During an AdWords training, we review together how we can optimise your campaigns, and we give you countless tips you can apply. What are the possibilities for local campaigns? What about mobile advertisements, site links, display campaigns and click-to-download? Lépep Group to the rescue!

Managing SEA campaigns is more than simply placing a few random advertisements online. No time to follow up everything in detail yourself? We would be happy to take over management of your SEA campaigns.

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