Measuring & optimizing

Do you know how well your online activities are performing? And do you know precisely what to do to further increase these results?

Rock solid figures, that's what we're about. Because that is the bottom line. What is the return on investment of your online activities??

“Action is the real measure of intelligence.”
Napoleon Hill

When someone asks “how is your website doing?”, is the answer “no idea”, “good” or “last month the number of conversions increased by 6%”? If your website is an important part of your company, you need to know what is happening on your site. Lépep Group can help you determine the most important indicators (KPIs), correctly measure and interpret web statistics and continue to test.

The fine line between BI and BS

Business Intelligence is the new buzzword, but not everyone uses the term properly. In which case, BI quickly becomes BS. Figures don't lie, but you need to choose the right figures and interpret them correctly.

Taking action

Gaining insight into your website's performance is important. Even more important is doing something with this insight. Continuous optimisation is key.

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