Search engine optimisation or SEO

Search engine optimisation (or SEO) is the technique used to have websites score higher in search engines. That way, you reach more people who might not know you yet,  but are looking for something you have to offer.

Remember that more than half of all website visitors find a site through a search engine. And within these search results, the first page is the most viewed. Without optimisation, your website is lost in the search engine results, and you are not found.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) takes place on three fronts

  • Relevant content that is regularly updated
  • Technical optimisation of the code
  • Many and the right links to your website
Expanding content

Even before the SEO specialists at Lépep Group dig into the code or conduct a search term study, the existing site is examined with a critical eye. What content is lacking? Does your website have the right structure? This extra content and an improved structure already ensure a competitive advantage that results in additional traffic.

SEO fundamentals

Based on a technical analysis of the site and advice for the web developer, the SEO consultant aims to create the perfect foundation so that all further efforts yield optimum results: with respect to on page optimisation (correct use of the CMS and web copywriting) and link building. In this, content marketing is a way of building quality links. Your activities on social mediaalso contribute to your ranking in the search results.

SEO: in it for the long haul

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a delicate job: too much focus on a single search term will look like spamming and will lower your score. Too little focus, however, also reduces your competitiveness. It is important to continuously adjust the SEO approach, based on concrete data.

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