SEA: online advertising in search engines

Google AdWords is Google's cash cow. No doubt about it. Smart advertising via Lépep Group can save on advertising costs and generate extra sales.
Direct interested visitors to your site

Advertising in search engines (SEA) is the most efficient way to advertise on the internet. Because you don't pay a cent as long as no one visits your website. And because your advertisement only appears when someone enters a relevant search term in his or her search engine, only interested visitors come to your site.

Affordable advertising on Google (SEA)

Advertisements in Google or on partner websites use a unique pricing scheme. You  determine yourself how much a search term is worth, and you bid against competitors. To keep costs under control, we look only for the search terms that are most relevant to your company.

Extended Google AdWords campaigns

Lépep Group is experienced in successfully setting up and maintaining AdWords campaigns for large e-commerce sites. We apply the expertise we gain from these large campaigns to smaller AdWords campaigns. And conversely, small campaigns lend themselves more to experimentation, which in turn has a positive influence on the large campaigns. Added value that only a large digital agency can offer.

Advertise on LinkedIn and Facebook?

Advertisements can of course also be placed on the social network sites LinkedIn and Facebook, but other rules and goals apply.

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