Affiliate marketing

On many sites, you can pay to place banners to your site or recommendations of your products, with an increase in sales as a direct result. Make optimum use of these affiliate sites.
Advertise where your customers are

Online advertising is only useful when your target group sees it. So it is best to place graphics banners and text links on websites that are popular with your potential customers. These websites are called affiliate sites, and can often result in a significant increase in traffic… and online sales. Except: where can you find these affiliates? And how can you avoid this strategy costing you large sums of money, without a return? To make this happen, Lépep Group makes use of specialist intermediaries.

Opt for a risk-free affiliate programme

What is the objective of your online advertising campaign? Want to attract more visitors to your website? Or are you only prepared to pay for visitors who actually order something from your online shop? With our affiliate programme, you choose what you want to pay for. And how much a visitor or buyer is worth to you.

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