Web development

Lépep Group has a strong team of developers who are more than ready to tackle a complex web application.

Moreover, web application development is precisely what we excel in. We do not blindly execute tasks: for each project, we brainstorm with you from start to finish about the usability, the structure, the technology and even the business model.

Top quality

Our open source philosophy and well-documented and modular technology guarantee that web applications are independent. Thoroughgoing attention to detail and a focus on the application's usability thus ensure a top quality delivery.


Integration with SAP, CRM or ERP? Social media integration, in a Facebook app, for example? We've done it before! If there is a database or an API, we can link it to your public website. So you don't have to do your input twice.

Get in Touch

Simply get in touch with our team, and we will be able to help. Guaranteed response within 1 business day. No obligation quote.