Web design

Lépep Group creates a website that fits your company's image. Attractive? Definitely. Unique? Gladly. User-friendly? Of course!

The web designer transforms a grey and boring prototype into a stunning design that fits your house style and invites people to use your site. We don't do off-the-shelf products, but create a unique design for each site, with an eye for detail. Check out our portfolio and see for yourself.

One design

We prefer not to propose several designs for the website. Following the information architecture phase, the web designer creates his ideal design. All his time, energy and inspiration is invested in this design, and not wasted on other inferior designs. This design is then fine-tuned in several rounds of feedback.

Focus on the web

No graphic designers that see website design as another task to be done between all the printing work. Our web designers speak the language of the web. They take account of interaction, readability, deviating screen colours and resolutions, and variable content.

Crisp web design

We follow the latest trends in graphic design, which spices up the designs. The average site lasts several years, so it's important to deliver a design that will still look fresh a few years down the road.

Get in Touch

Simply get in touch with our team, and we will be able to help. Guaranteed response within 1 business day. No obligation quote.