Responsive design

Mobile websites? Yes and no. How about websites that can also be used on your smartphone or tablet? Win win!

It used to be easy: to go on the internet, you needed to sit behind a bulky computer and be patient. Of course as web designer you had to take into account the different browsers, operating systems and screen sizes – which sometimes could be frustrating – but that was it. Now smartphones and tablets have been added to the mix: a completely new world, with new challenges.

Separate mobile site?

When on the go, you want only the information that is relevant to you at that moment, at that place, right? Well, not really. Even stretched out on the sofa, and even in the smallest room, people expect the same information they would receive via a normal PC. Certainly when using a search engine, you also want to be able to find the answer on your smartphone or tablet. Better not to use a restricted mobile site...

Responsive web design

With responsive web design, the elements of a site are rearranged in such a way that different screen sizes can be viewed optimally. Try it out with this website! An additional benefit is that you need to make changes to one site only, rather than on both a ‘normal’ and a mobile site.

Mobile first

When a website has a mobile first-approach, the site will emphasize content and the top tasks. The site will also benefit from a clear structure and quick loading times. Even when writing web copy, it is advisable to think 'mobile first': your text will be concise, scannable and concrete.

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