Frontend development

From design to real web pages, with the highest quality standards. Frontend development makes good use of innovations, but also takes account of older browsers.

ver taken a look at the HTML code of a Lépep Group website? We can highly recommend it, as it almost reads like poetry. This is, amongst other factors, due to the efforts of the frontend developer who during his or her slice & dice, transforms the design of the web designer into real web pages or e-mail templates. He also brings the interaction design to life.


Semantic HTML code contains no unnecessary code for the graphic presentation of elements. It is the CSS that handles this task. This has several benefits. Clean code loads faster and is easier to adapt. Search engines find their way more quickly to the page's content. And visitors with visual limitations can also use your site.

Backwards compatibility

Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer ... each surfer has his or her favourite browser. And each browser has a different interpretation of the web standards. The latest versions are better, but not every Windows, Linux or Mac computer has the latest version installed. And what about tablets and smartphones? Yet everyone should be able to optimally use your website. We test this, extensively.


We're also happy to take it a step further. What will the future bring? Experiments with HTML5 and CSS3 result in a better user experience, without failing in older browsers. Responsive web design presents the same content in a different way, depending on the available screen width.

Too technical for you? No problem. Leave it to our specialists. Or are you thinking “I can do this too”? Feel free to contact us. Who knows, we might have a job for you.

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