Social media marketing

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ ... Social media platforms exist by the truckload, but are you building up an audience or buying  reach?
Satisfied customers

Companies shouldn't be busy doing social media, they should be selling their product. Persuading existing customers to make a new purchase is much cheaper than attracting new ones. This can be done — just like in a regular shop — by keeping customers satisfied with a good user experience. In the online world, this is done through social media.

Some tips for using social media intelligently:

  • Facilitate appreciation
  • Monitor possible problems
  • Use recommendations
  • Inspire and be inspired

In our websites, we integrate social functionalities where necessary, so that your online efforts are strengthened by your friends, followers and connections. Or we develop specific Facebook apps that nestle themselves in the Facebook interface.

Coaching in social media marketing

As a company, are you still taking your first steps in social media, or would you like to use social media more intelligently? Allow us to take a professional approach to your social media marketing. The online marketers at Lépep Group develop a plan based on your objectives and capabilities. If you want, we can even manage your social media accounts.

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