E-mail marketing

Is e-mail dead? Nope. Instant messaging, social media, RSS and notification centers have taken over a number of the tasks of e-mail. In the meantime, e-mail marketing remains a quick and cheap way to persuade prospects and customers.
E-mail marketing tool

Lépep Group guides you in drawing up, sending and following up your e-marketing campaigns. So that as few spam filters as possible block your mail, and as many recipients as possible truly read your message. In order to do so, we use a simple but powerful e-mail marketing program. This allows you to effortlessly write your e-mailsyourself. What's more, we have integrated the e-mail tool in the familiar Fork CMS environment.

Automatic pilot

Don't make the mistake of thinking of e-mail marketing as merely sending newsletters. In  online marketing, there is often much that can be optimised with respect to automatic e-mails, such as confirming an order or sending an automatic reminder when a subscription is nearing its expiry date. Conversion optimisation begins  in the inbox.

Improvingly better e-mail marketing campaigns

All of your e-mail provides you with a wealth of figures: how often is your mail read, how long did your readers spend reading it, who clicked through to your website and contacted you ... The figures and their analysis are the secret to a successful e-mail marketing campaign.
Wijs doesn't only gather this information. We also help you interpret it. That way,we put you on the right track to even better e-mail campaigns.

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