People don't read from a screen. Wrong! Never before has so much text been read from a screen. It means that having compelling texts on your website is more important than ever.

Make sure you have something to say. No matter how well-written your text is, now matter how well it has been optimised for search engines, if your content is weak, you will fall by the wayside. A true copywriter uses precisely the content that will catch on , and constructs a captivating story around it. In 140 characters if needed.

SEO copywriting is a necessity for Google

As every good SEO copywriter knows, search engines aim to show their users relevant results. To do this, they search web pages for keywords. Do the right words and word combinations occur regularly and in the right places? This increases your website's relevance, and makes it climb in the search results.

Web copywriting is a necessity for your readers

Your visitors don't read your website – they scan it. In doing so, they especially pay attention to headings, subheadings, lists and hyperlinks. Our web copywriters know how to draw your readers' attention. They succeed in quickly convincing them of your added value. So that soon they will no longer be visitors, but customers.

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